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Monday, March 8, 2010

The King's Back!!!!

So T.I. is back with his first track after a 7 month bid.  I've listened to it a few times, and I must say, I'm unimpressed! Now before all of you die hard T.I. fans jump on me, let me explain.
I'm unimpressed because I'm not surprised.  The song in my opinion is pretty good.  It's not a club banger, or a real radio hit, it's a street single, and I believe that was the intent.  Content wise, Mr. Harris is right on point.  He is saying exactly what every other "real nigga" has been saying for at least the past 3 years.  Verbally Tip explains that there is a "real nigga drought" and he couldn't be more correct. 
The beat is vintage T.I. I don't know who produced it, but it's perfect for him.  He seems to pick up right where Paper Trail left off.  The difference is he had 7 Months worth of frustrations to vent rather than the anticipated year of solitude. 
What you hear in this song are the musings of a motivated and focused man who did a lot of growing in roughly a 2 year time frame, who is unpleased with the state of the kingdom he has returned to.
Now that the King of the South has returned to the throne, the question is: What's next?

Welcome Back T.I. Hip-Hop has missed you. --Seven