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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lupe Fiasco is Beaming!

Keeping with the “comeback” theme that I’ve been on, I bring to you today a new track from Lupe Fiasco! Although this isn’t actually a Comeback for the Chi-city Superstar it has been a good minute since Lupe left us with a dope beat to…skate to. I’m loving it! Check out the website for tour dates and enjoy the video.

—Seven Owt

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two of the game’s best back in action

Today I stumbled upon 2 “comeback tracks” that I felt compelled to share with you…

The first is almost old news at this point (well the song is anyway), but this is the official video for T.I.’s I’m Back

As previously reported on this blog, I think the song is a perfect way for the self proclaimed King of the South to reestablish his reign. But this video on the other hand is a whole nother story… I mean don’t get me wrong I actually like the video, the concept and the visuals are hot, but it does the song absolutely no justice. The lyrical onslaught that T.I. attacks this beat with far outshine the low key aggression depicted above. It’s like Mike Tyson the man versus his voice, the shit just don’t match.

On to the next…

Well we all know that Eminem made his official “comeback” with Relapse about a year ago, but all the real Slim Shady fans out there know that that was a lukewarm effort at best. With all that had been going on in Mr. Mathers’ life, I was surprised (nut thrilled none the less) that he was dropping a new album, but I was also disappointed.

Well it seems as if all of that disappointment is behind us because if you take a listen to this “freestyle” (and I use this term very loosely), you will hear the Eminem that we all know and love.

Hope you enjoyed it

—Seven Owt

Friday, April 16, 2010

Move over Susan Boyle, and make way for Lin Yu Chun!

Move over Susan Boyle, and make way for Lin Yu Chun!
Here's the skinny (pun intended), in case you've been under a rock the past few days and haven't heard:
A clip of a Taiwanese talent casting show called "Avenue to Stardom" (Think Asian version of America's got talent) hit the internet earlier this week (don't be mad at me I've been busy), and introduced the world to the fat Asian member of the Beatles we never heard about (peep the hair cut).

My guess is this is the real way Yoko Ono got in the mix. LOL I digress…
The truth of the matter is ole buddy can really sing! Don’t get me wrong can’t make a career out of singing like other singers (or maybe he can remember how Jaime Foxx got shine from doing Ray Charles), but even through the crack smoke Whitney Houston herself can see this talent.
But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…
It’s too bad he ain’t taller, darker, and more feminine; he’d have a great career ahead of him as a Whitney Houston impersonator!
…And I’m Gone

Jay-Z Suing David Ortiz over 40/40 Club name

New York AP Story:

Jay-Z and a business partner are suing slugger David Ortiz, claiming the Boston Red Sox star named his Dominican nightclub after the mogul's chain of 40/40 clubs.
The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan Federal Court, accuses Ortiz of naming his Santo Domingo club Forty-Forty in the hopes of trading in on the rap star's fame.
The suit seeks over $5 million in damages and for Ortiz to forfeit any use of the 40/40 name.
Jay-Z's string of bars can be found in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
``David Ortiz is fully aware of Plaintiff's Manhattan 40/40 club, since he had been a patron there on several occasions before he opened his Infringing Forty/Forty club,'' the lawsuit states.
The clubs are named after the feat of hitting 40 homers and stealing 40 bases in one season.
A message seeking comment was left Thursday night with SFX Baseball, the agency that represents Ortiz.

That's the leagal aspect of it all, but let's look at this from a common sense stand point. Humor me:

According to Forbes Mr. Carter is worth over $500 Million (and let's not forget he's married to 9 Digit diva Beyonce).  On the other hand Big Papi has a $12 Million dollar per year deal with the Red Sox. So a $500 Million (over $80 million annually) man is suing a $12 Million (before taxes) man over a name???? This is just as rediculous as the Shawty Lo and T.I. beef!

I have 1 question for you Jigga man... What's the fuckin point? I understand the laws, but wouldn't it be easier just to catch the slugger after a game an say "look bro, I know you jockin my name, I'ma let you slide, just break me off a lil bit. Ya dig?" That may seem unreasonable, but it's way better than suing the man.  He's seeking "$5 million in damages and for Ortiz to forfeit any use of the 40/40 name" c'mon son! What damages???? Nobody is going to the Dominican Republic's Forty/Forty club instead of the 40/40 club in New York. Let's be real, all Jay is gonna get is a bunch of legal fees, and the hopes that the club's name will change. Cuz truth be told, it's not a guarantee. 

The simple truth about this case is this: Jay-Z you're a hoe for this shit, but I get it. Ortiz you're an idiot, but I ain't mad at yo game either. 

I personally think Jay is just mad cuz he just had to close his club in Vegas... But damn don't take it out on another nigga just trying to make a little change.

Seven Owt

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Legend of Soulja Boy

According to DJ Woogie, the rapper's upcoming summer album will be nothing less than a classic.
"It's gonna be 'legendary,'" Woogie said in an interview. "He has a lot of hot records on there [like this song] called 'Making The Cut' that is on the album. You know, Soulja Boy has grown since the time he did 'Crank Dat' to now...He's grown a lot. He's learned a lot more about the rap game and [has] said that himself in some of his raps. He said that he learned more, and people thought he was wack. He became more versatile, and look at him now. Everybody wants a favor; everybody wants a freestyle, or a feature. People used to sleep on the kid, now everybody is on 'em more or less to say!" (All Hip Hop)
SERIOUSLY????  What the fuck has Soulja Boy done to merit the title “legendary?”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater.  I actually can give props where they are due.  Soulja Boy had a ridiculously terrible hit song when he dropped Crank Dat back in 05.  The shit was nuts how much EVERYBODY loved the song. It was everywhere you couldn’t escape it.  I personally remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard this God awful excuse for music it.  Not because I loved it like everybody else though, honestly, when I heard this song for the first time it was the first time I ever got physically ill from hearing something.  It was that damn disturbing to me.  Again I say though, he had a certified hit, and he got his foot in the door.  Since then he’s released hit after hit, and his fans (and just about everybody else) are eating it all up.  He found his niche and is riding the wave.
Now back to what I originally intended to address… DJ Woogie (whoever the fuck that is), Stacks On Deck producer, said that “Soulja Boy has grown…” My response: WELL DUH!  Of course he’s grown back then he was like 16.  This negro is actually legal now good for him.  I’ll even acknowledge his lyrical progress since “Crank Dat.”  Yes indeed, his content, well he has some now. He actually takes a shot at metaphors and general lyricism now…but this nigga is far from Legendary. That’s all I’m saying.
Much Luv to Soulja Boy, and the Stacks On Deck crew.  I wish them all the best of luck.  Do yo thang and make yo money, but please don’t start smelling yourself too much.  This legendary quote is bullshit, and if Soulja Boy ahs any ounce of intelligence he knows that his damn self.  As I bring this to a close, I wanna leave y’all with a couple of Soulja Boy’s most recent tracks out right now. Check em out.
Pronto-Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy
Bingo-Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy
Wait before I go can somebody tell me what the hell Soulja Boy has been “tellin em” all this time?
—Seven Owt

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Anybody remember that hilarious song that Chris Rock did with Gerald Levert about 11 years ago?  It was called “No Sex in the Champagne Room”  Well, for our younger readers here it is, for the rest of us, skip ahead:

Now that the teenagers are brought up to speed I’ll proceed…
This Weird Al-esque video of Chris Rock’s version of Andre 3000’s 2003 hit “Hey Ya” hit the net today:
The questions everybody’s mind: Where did it come from?  & Why now?
Well I for one don’t have an answer to either of the questions, but what I can say is it’s brilliant!  OK OK maybe ‘brilliant’ is overstating it a bit, but you have to admit it’s entertaining.  I’ll readily admit that I am a HUGE Chris Rock fan, so most of what he does I find hilarious (well except for that GOD AWFUL, I mean, poorly written TV show of his).  Nothing much that this writer can think of to say about this video, the ever so insightful Mr. Rock says it all.  If you haven’t heard his stand up before, KILL YOSELF the content of this video may surprise you, but if you have, then this is vintage Rock!
I doubt that Rock was using this song as a launch pad for another “Bigger and Blacker” type of release, but maybe that’s what sparked the idea.  I think it would have been great had it come out around the same time as the actual song by OutKast, but alas here it is roughly 7 years later… Oh well this fan won’t complain, and neither should you now go out there find a Cracker and shake him like he called you a nigger!