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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chalie Boy is 'Here'

Greetings Good People!

As a fan of Chalie (and no that isn’t a typo) Boy of Dirty 3rd Records, I feel compelled to share with you his latest video.  My writing partner Note would probably be appalled by the fact that I put this up on the blog, but he ain’t here, so fuck him! LOL I kid it’s all love my man.

Without further adieu, here’s the video:

Like I said I am a Chalie Boy fan, and as such I can criticize without being a hater.  So here goes my criticism. This is the second video to come off of the I’m Here mixtape which dropped back in February of last year. Much like its predecessor Déjà Blu (Which happens to be one of my favorite tracks from the Double Disc mixtape) the video just doesn’t do the song justice.  I like this video much more than the previous entry; hence my reason for blogging about it, but it still doesn’t meet my expectations.

When I listen to this song I hear the passion in his words, and I see the picture that the lyrics pain; that of a young hungry artist eager to make a name for himself and make his hard work pay off.  Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show me that.  It attempts to, but it falls short.  None the less, this is still a good song, and kudos to Chalie Boy for all of his hard work.  Keep doin ya thang mane!

Se7en Owt

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Omarion Gay?

According to the singer himself he isn't, but arecent press release stated the contrary. But you be the judge. Check out the link. Omarion talks to funk flex about the recent allegations, and says "I love ladies." Check it out

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now put that on Your F*ckin Wall

After seeing the 7 year old ‘gangsta rappers’ yesterday, I was happy to run across this today. I can't lie, when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh, but that's part of the point. Take a look.

Sad part is, he'll probably be investigated on child abuse charges. This is one story that Oprah SHOULD pick up, but we won't see this on any daytime talk shows, although it’s a perfect example of parenting.

Say what you want. This is a lesson learned, and I hope this uncle followed through and made his nephew put this video on his wall. Kudos to you sir, there may be hope for our youth after all! Just wish I knew this man so I could thank him, maybe buy him a drink or take him to a strip club.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A lyrical 'Whipping'

For everyone that was dumb enough to believe the rumor that Soulja Boy penned Willow's Whip My Hair  Check out what JukeBox (who actually worked on it) has to say about it:

Where is yo momma?

After watching this video I was left with the question:  Where is yo damn Momma?  According to the caption these are 7 year olds.  Now I am well aware that the world is a different place than it was when I was 7.  I am also aware that children are exposed to more than most 7 year olds were when I was a child, but that doesn’t excuse this.

These are children rapping about shooting, and fucking!   Where in the hell did they even learn this?  I’m sure they got it from Scarface, Z-Ro, Devin, or any other Houston rapper that they’ve heard, but what gives them the gall to use such language?  

I got my first rap album at 10 and it was Eazy-Duz-It by the late Eazy-E, but I knew better than to repeat what the NWA posse was saying.  As a child I would have never said anything like that because I would have feared for my life.  I was deathly afraid of my father, and anytime I did something remotely wrong I just knew he would find out and beat my ass for it.  That’s what these kids need. A good old fashion, passionate ass whoopin!  My guess is they probably haven’t felt the painful sting of a leather belt across their naked asses.  If they had, they wouldn’t be so brave. 

What’s sad is we can’t blame the children.  Children only imitate and emulate the adults in their lives.  If the children of the world don’t have better examples than this, then we are in trouble folks.  So who do we blame? Their mother? Their father? The idiot bastard filming this shit? Or all of the above?  (The latter gets my vote) I don’t know who the adult is behind the camera, but he deserves the ass whooping more than they do, because he is the one who should know better! 

I’m disgusted.  As a parent if ANYONE ever hears my child speaking in such a way, I grant you full license to pop her one good one.  Then call me, and I’ll take over from there.  SMH This is a perfect example of what the hell is wrong with Black America.  This is not the Dream that Dr. King had for us.  If this doesn’t appall you, then do the world a favor and jump of f of the nearest overpass, to remove your ignorant ass genes from the pool.  You don’t deserve to procreate.

In closing I ask you all to go out and find a child and teach them something positive.

Se7en Owt

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everybody knows Monsters can't act!

The past few days everyone has been all atwitter about the Monster video with Kanye, Nicki, Jay, and Rick Ross, and it took me a couple of days, but I finally got the chance to watch it.  Before I comment on the video, I want to express my feelings about the song.  If I had to sum it up in 2 words I’d say “Fuckin Awesome” *Jay-Z voice* The song, in my opinion, is what Hip Hop should be.  I mean three Lyricists just being lyrical. There’s nothing better for a Hip Hop head like myself who loves the artistry involved in putting words together.  The poetry of delving deep into one’s vocabulary and pulling out the best and delivering it ferociously is truly music to my ears.  Now, before all of the haters start throwing stuff at their computer screens, let me clarify.  This isn’t the best song I’ve ever heard, nor is it the best verse I’ve heard from either of these artists. With the exception of Miss Minaj, I haven’t heard her go harder (not that she hasn’t, but I’m not a fan and haven’t listened to her much).  But this is the type of stuff I like to hear when artists come together; MAGIC. 

Now on to the video, first off Officer Ricky shouldn’t be in the video, just like he had no reason being on the song (somebody should lose a week’s pay for that dumb ass decision).  The video was god, but it didn’t live up to the hype, and it definitely didn’t do the song justice.  While it was creative (as most of West’s videos are), it wasn’t the 2011 version of Thriller that it was hyped up to be.  And yes, before you ask, someone did indeed call it that. 

Kanye’s section was good, it went well with his verse, and it was probably the most conceptually appealing piece of the video.  Jay-Z’s part, on the other hand, was just terrible.  For all of the visuals that his words convey, they did nothing in the video to match it.  He basically stood there for 16 bars; POINTLESS.  The lone bright spot in the video, the play on Roman vs. Barbie was good.  It wasn’t done as well as it should’ve been given the unbelievable amount of stardom involved in this project.

I’d like to redo the video and show them how it should have been done, hmmmm maybe that’s a new project for me. Stay tuned…

Se7en Owt

Happy New Year!

As customary, Skillz has blessed us with his year end rap up, and as usual, he killed it. Enjoy!