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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why are we so obsessed?

So I was searching for the new "The Way You Lie" video from Eminem and Rihanna and I stumbled upon this news cast. Take a few minutes to look at it, I'll wait....

The way you lie controversy

Ok you done? Alright let's move one...

I have several issues with the statements made by the "reporters" (and I use the term lightly. Following celebrities around doesn't classify as journalism in my book, but that's a story for another day) in this "news" segment.

First off let me say this, the video is indeed quite powerful, so kudos to Mr. Mathers and whoever else was behind it, but its not controversial at all. I mean I've seen worse imagery on Family Guy! But that's not really my issue... My issue is with the fact that these people have the nerve to say that Rihanna shouldn't be recording this kind of song in light of her very public domestic abuse issues with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. They also hint that Eminem's roller coaster relationship with ex-wife Kim is reason enough for him to tone it down too.

I say, shut the fuck up you idiots!!!

Now that that's out of my system here's where my issues arise.

With both these talented individuals (More so Eminem than Rihanna), we THINK we know them and their lives. News flash people: WE DON'T KNOW SHIT about Marshall Mathers or Robyn Fenty! We hear their stories on the news and the blogosphere, we listen to their music, we follow them on twitter, but we don't know 2 shits about them as people. What we as a society need to realize is that we are far too obsessed with fame. Eminem, Rihanna, Tiger Woods, Lindsey Lohan, etc. have jobs just like the rest of us. Their job is to entertain you and me! That's it. They owe us nothing more, and nothing less. The sooner we all realize that the better! I don't care about Lindsey Lohan's drinking problem, and neither should you, that is unless it affects you personally. My uncle has a drinking problem, but no one is making a big deal out of it. My friend is on house arrest, but he's not asking for a fashionable ankle monitor. My brother has knocked down twice as many women as Tiger did, (and waaaaay better looking too) but he's not apologizing to anybody about it. I mean whatever Mr. Woods decides to do with his dick is not gonna change his golf game. And it certainly doesn't change anything in my life or in anybody else's for that matter. Of course his family, but I mean the general public. Likewise, Rihanna's ass whoopin doesn't make my penis any less erect when I think about those naked pictures of here, and Eminem's firestorm relationship doesn't make my head bob any less when I hear his music.

Don't get me wrong I have my opinions on the things I've heard. Tiger shouldn't have gotten married if he wanted to fuck ugly porn stars, Linsey needs rehab, (and possibly therapy), Eminem, well he prolly needs a whole team of psychiatrists, and Chris Brown is wrong for bustin ole girl upside the head, but none of that affects me! But you know what does? The oil in the Gulf, the unemployment rate, the senseless killing that youngsters are doing EVERYDAY in our neighborhoods. That's news. Those are the things we should tweet about. Those are the things that should make us fighting mad, but alas...we are a culture obsessed with fame and the famous. We spend all of our time worrying about, who's fuckin who in Hollywood, or who adopted the African baby, and sit and wonder why America is making a counter clockwise decent down the drain... Think about it people!!!

Bottom line is this:
Keep it all in perspective. Why worry about the celebrities that are on drugs when lil Susie is strung out in the alley with a swollen belly. The shit is real folks. Get a fuckin clue

-Se7en Owt

P.S. Couldn't leave you without the actual video. Enjoy!

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