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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lil' Wayne "BONE HEAD" plays of 2009!!!

When I think of the "bone heads" of music I always think of self proclaimed best rapper Alive Bull****!!!, Wezzey Jefferson Lil’ Wayne.  A guy with so much potential in making records and so much fan morale, and he goes out and makes a BONE HEAD decision to get him locked away like a caged parakeet!!!!  I do not fault Wayne for wanting to get his smoke on, or his sip on, or even his pill pop on every man deserves to snort a little cocaine if he's rich right??? tend to his vice.  But dude hire licensed security to hold you fire arms #comeonson!!!!!!!

You had one of the highest selling albums of 2008 and a highly anticipated album in 2010 album Rebirth and you can’t hire security to hold your heat. I guess those 8 baby momma’s are milking you huh son???  But honestly son you call yourself a business man and you call yourself a person who makes smart moves, dude prison is not a smart move by any means. 

Hopefully you are in a cell all by yourself or else your kissing antics will be tested in the pen.....”Hey I’m Just saying!!!” #kanyeshrug.  Wayne will probably be out in less than a year with another couple million copies under his belt.  He will still be a role model to millions of Ghetto children, and skinny jeans will be the new urban fashion sense.  Hey I’m just saying, now days kids look up to guys that go balls to the wall and get locked up for making bad decisions, but it's OK because he was being hard when he got locked up so that's why I'll still support his music!!! D*** Dumb A** Rappers Are Making All Rappers Look Like A**** #SMH. 

and you know that the ladies love the bad boy with the track record.  I mean who wouldn’t want a guy with a prison record 5 baby momma’s and a drug habit shouts out the Lauren London!!! I guess the Million+ bank account makes it all better aye???

I don’t mean to be mean but these women are just as delusional as die hard Wayne fans, at least I admitt when my Fav Rappers are f****** up!!!!!  I’m outta here!!!

Until next time this has been "Note" of THE SCORE

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