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Friday, December 25, 2009

New Up and Coming MC and his name is simply "OUTLAW"!!!!!!!

I've never been a fan of the crunk southern party style of music until I heard this guy.  Along with a huge bag of tricks that extend from a backwoods southern style to a catchy name and lingo to match I learned quite a lot from Rodney Outlaw within 5 mins of talking to him.  "I just want everyone to have a good time to my music" he exclaimed while shaking the hands of any fans or admirers that crossed his path. 

With flavor and energy that would make any southern jook joint stand to their feet and with the rapid production and lyrical content that would make any so-call true hip-hop head lend a second ear  Outlaw could rock any crowd and arena that I have ever been in.

Rodney also has a great music business sense too, He has created Outlaw Entertainment Group with his business partner and is managing a few up and coming artist while he perfects his craft.  "Moves are being made and if the music is quality, we can't be stopped" are the words that he said when I asked him about the state of the music industry.

So call me dick rider big fan of the guy or what ever you can dish out at me, fine!!!!.......But this guy has something special.  The energy in his music is undeniable and is sure to rock radio stations, ipod's, and MTV in the near future.

Until next time this has been "Note" of THE SCORE

For More Information and History on Rodney Check The Site and the Bio:

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