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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Recovery" for a sales decline that "Can't be Tamed"

In June of 1999 that evil monster known as Napster hatched from the brain of Shawn Fanning. Once the beast was unleashed there was no stopping it. It had kids (Kazaa, Limewire, etc.) and wreaked havoc on the Music Industry with its file sharing technology! It’s no secret that the music industry suffered a mortal wound when the file sharing monster struck about 10 years ago, but still the entertainment giant that is Music would not lay down and die! Once the shock of the surprise attack wore off, the industry fought back. They sued individuals, got Napster shut down, and even tried to capitalize on the war by going “digital.” Still, the industry has suffered a steady decade long decline in sales, and these days, even digital sales are down, and they haven’t even been going on for 10 years… Yes it’s a mess, but there is still hope!

America’s Music Industry saviors come as a very odd couple: Miley Cyrus and Eminem. Oh you don’t believe me, well check this out…

Eminem released his 7th studio album, Recovery, yesterday, and Miss Cyrus is releasing her latest album, Can’t be Tamed, today. Think about it. Who buys albums? Music enthusiasts, teenage white kids, and the parents of spoiled tweens. Who are Miley’s fans? Tweens and teens. What about Eminem? White teenagers and hip hop heads. It’s a win win for the industry. I proverbial one two punch! I wonder if they planed it?

Here’s a little more in depth discussion on Em's impact on the industry.

And here’s a snap shot of their album covers (talk about juxtaposition):

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