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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I don't care, so why should you?

Ok so Miley Cyrus is a slut.... So fuckin what?

Video of little Miss Cyrus’ latest antics…

What female teen pop idol isn't? I mean I'm not saying that she is a promiscuous young lady (although I wouldn't be surprised if she was),
 but she has a slutty persona. My question is, Why the hell do we care? Cuz she started on the Disney Channel? Cuz she's Billy Ray's daughter? Cuz White America doesn't want their little darlings to idolize a slut? I don't know you tell me! But since I posed those three questions, I'll go ahead and answer them for you...

She's on the Disney Channel:
No real discussion needed here. Disney has a knack for cultivating sluts. Let us not forget that Britney Spears started out as a Mouseketeer, as was Christina Aguilera (who has the most talent of these three and coincidentally had an album come out last week, Bionic) Oh yeah and Vanessa Hudgens' nudity graced your internet screens as well (perverts). So Miley is just one in a line of Disney Channel sluts!

Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter:
Again I think nothing needs to be said about this one either. I mean Billy posed with his pride and joy in a non-G rated photo shoot...

Beyond that you’d be a fool to think Mr. Cyrus was a saint! You don’t think Achy Breaky Heart got him some pussy? Get REAL! Side note: Do you think she came up with this on her own?

White America:
Let’s be clear, White America LOVES THEIR SLUTS!!! They just don’t want to claim them. That’s why there was such an uproar with Britney Spears when she went “bad,” and not when Christina did the same. What am I saying? It’s all in the name! Brittany is the quintessential “blonde haired, blue eyed” white girl! But wait, so is Christina, right? WRONG!! Christina’s last name is not one generally associated with the Caucasoid rulers of the US. Therefore her sluttiness could be basically embraced. No one said a word when Rihanna went from “Sunshine music” to Rated R. The reason is, she’s not white. The media is ok with slutty black and brown women, no matter their age, but they will fight to the death to keep their little white lasses as pure as the driven snow.

The bottom line is this: Sluts make bucks! The End.


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