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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For what?

It's bad enough that Wiz Khalifa's annoying ass song Black and Yellow is on the radio every 2 minutes, but now I have to hear Lil Wayne's annoying ass voice do a remix? Ugh kill me now!  If you haven't heard Lil Wayne has up and decided that his favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers, this realization prompted him to write Green and Yellow. His ode to the Cheese Heads... The fuck outta here dude! I refuse to believe he is an actual fan of the Packers, but to be fair the song isn't completely terrible.

It ain't hard to tell that Lil Wayne ain't my favorite rapper, but I'm no hater and will give props where I feel they are do, with that said, have a listen to this...

Although Wayne mars this track with his terrible voice, this is was one of the few tracks he's been on in a while that he actually said something that made sense, so for that I commend him.  I'm not convinced he's a fan, but he predicted Aaron Rodger's MVP award, so *shrug* who knows...

Se7en Owt

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