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Thursday, January 14, 2010

50 Cent “Baby By Me” Spoof

I for one, find this video quite comical!  It’s a well done spoof, but it’s also pretty insightful social commentary.  Not only that, but it is a constructive way of expressing my personal disdain for the sheer ignorance that’s represented by the original version.  I only WISH I had a hand in this remake.
You know, ever since the original piece of shit single emerged from Fiddy’s ass psyche and hit the streets, I’ve despised it GREATLY! Truth be told I’ve been annoyed with 50 Cent for quite some time now.  It was a struggle for me not to go on a rant about how much I couldn’t stand this song, but one thing stopped me. What, you ask?  The fact that I refused to waste my time discussing the shit just to give it more free publicity.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I’m doing now… *sigh* But what the hell’s a music lover to do? I don’t listen to it, but… I digress.  The end all be all of it all is that the niggatry perpetrated by that musical disaster makes my stomach turn, as it should yours.  I was even more shocked and astounded by the fact that Ne-Yo was on the track! I was thinking to myself, “why would he sign up to be a part of 50 Cent’s minstrel show?”  Then I thought, “money talks…” And with that said, Hey 50! You got anymore tracks stored away that can make us as Black people look like the monkeys that White folks consider us?  No!?  Well if you come across anymore, holla at ya boy Seven! *Kanye Shrug* everybody has a price J *wink*

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