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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Why is it so damn hard for people to listen to “underground” artists? This is especially true when it comes to Hip Hop.  Why do self proclaimed “Hip Hop fans” stray from unknown names?  But once they have gotten famous, you ready to ride dick? I don’t get it AT ALL. I give everybody a listen, and even if they garbage I show support. You never know, just because it’s trash to you don’t mean it’s truly bad.  Think about all of the ‘made’ rappers in the game right now. They all started somewhere. At some point in their careers they were local talent. At some point in their career they were (and some still are) considered ‘garbage’ by somebody.  That’s just how these things work!  

Example: The Notorious B.I.G. considered by most one of if not THE best rapper of all times.  He got noticed by battling and beating other local artists.
Here are 3 reasons why you should support local artists:
1. For your own selfish ambitions
Think about it! If you meet a local act that has some potential, and you latch on to them now.  When they get big and start making money, they will remember your support when they weren’t making any.  So for all you women out there that have an “aspiring” boyfriend, and you see some important people taking notice of their art, go ahead and poke holes in all the condoms now! Basically I’m saying go ahead and put in a little work now, (carry that speaker, call that promoter, give them a ride, etc) and then ride that gravy train when the funds start flowing.
2. Because everybody likes to say “I remember when…”
Do you ever see people that knew “INSERT CELEBRITY HERE” and they say something like “I remember when he was just a scrawny kid in dirty jeans.”  For example wouldn’t you love to be that guy that beat Jordan for that spot on the varsity team in high school?  You don’t think he tells that tale every chance he gets?  Even better what about that first EP that the artist dropped? You don’t think that’ll be worth something to collectors when they blow up?  Whoever had a recorder from the Jackson 5’s first talent show (when they were the Jackson 4) is sitting on a gold mine right now! Another way to ride their coat tails without looking like a band wagon groupie.
3. Because when they get famous they’ll suck!
How many times have you heard this on? “Yeah he’s ok, but he was way better before he got signed.”  I can name some of your favorite artists, and they will fall into that category.  Oh you don’t believe me? Ok, Jay-Z’s best album: his first, Reasonable Doubt Ice Cube’s magnum opus: Death Certificate Snoop Dogg’s: Doggy Style.  These are considered classics, and you know why? Because these albums were created by men that weren’t making millions of dollars.  They were created by men who loved music and took pride in their art, and had no one to answer to.  When they were still hungry and making music for the love of the music, and not to appeal to a label exec it was better! It was better because it was still art!  Some people fail to realize that music is an art form.  When you are blessed with creativity and it’s un-stifled that’s when you create masterpieces.  Think about artists (as in painters) most of them never made money from their artwork until they were already dead.  What the hell would Picasso have painted if he had to please somebody other than himself?  Face facts people, business stifles creativity.  So while these local acts are creating music for themselves go out and get it, because when they get a deal they will b forced to create music for their bosses and the masses, and it will lose its soul.  That’s a fact. Not to mention, that album they're selling out of the trunk will be real hard to find once the artist gets shelf space at Wal-Mart.
Believe what you want, I know I’m right. Seven owt!

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