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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movin and Groovin LT style

So you hear the name LaDainian Tomlinson, and what do you see?  A dark visor? A powder blue jersey? His trade mark touchdown celebration? 

Well from now on, you will have a few new visions dancing through your head (pun definitely intended).  Check out LT’s version of the song that’s on everybody’s dance mix, the electric slide.

I have a myriad of questions about this bastardized version of yo mama’s favorite song, but my main question is, WHY?

Here are a couple of my theories:
1. He’s planning for the future
It’s no secret that LT ain’t the back that he used to be. Also, public knowledge is the fact that with every carry he gets a few yards closer to retirement.  Knowing this better than anyone else LT decided to put his future in his own hands.  This was an articulately planned, and hilarious, publicity stunt to land him on the next season of “Dancing with The Stars.”
2.He knows those NFL millions won’t last forever
When the NFL money stops flowing, a man still has to feed his family.  What’s an ex footballer to do? Start a rap career of course!  With the Soulja Boy generation dominating most of Hip Hop the past couple years, LT decided to use his football fame to spring board his Rap career.  That’s why he came up with a dance song and video, that’s what’s hot now!
3. He saw the writing on the wall
With the recent headlines being filled with negative news about his fellow NFL brethren making a lot of negative headlines lately he decided that it was time to leave the chicken heads alone.  Unfortunately, now that he’s no longer spending his free time with rat breezies, he had to spend it with *gasp* his family. And what NFL superstar wants to do that?  The music thing was a win win.  It kept him busy so he wouldn’t have to be a family man, and it also kept him from joining the ranks of Shaq, Tiger, or God forbid Steve McNair (RIP Bruh).

Or maybe he was bored, and has the money and spare time to do bullshit like this. *shrug*  He’s no different from any other YouTuber out there.  None the less, it’s funny, and we’ll all forget about it soon enough.   Hopefully he saved some of his best moves for the field.  If he has a bad game this weekend, the timing of this video is gonna do a number on him in the blogosphere… I wonder if this raises or lowers his fantasy stats?


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