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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Legend of Soulja Boy

According to DJ Woogie, the rapper's upcoming summer album will be nothing less than a classic.
"It's gonna be 'legendary,'" Woogie said in an interview. "He has a lot of hot records on there [like this song] called 'Making The Cut' that is on the album. You know, Soulja Boy has grown since the time he did 'Crank Dat' to now...He's grown a lot. He's learned a lot more about the rap game and [has] said that himself in some of his raps. He said that he learned more, and people thought he was wack. He became more versatile, and look at him now. Everybody wants a favor; everybody wants a freestyle, or a feature. People used to sleep on the kid, now everybody is on 'em more or less to say!" (All Hip Hop)
SERIOUSLY????  What the fuck has Soulja Boy done to merit the title “legendary?”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater.  I actually can give props where they are due.  Soulja Boy had a ridiculously terrible hit song when he dropped Crank Dat back in 05.  The shit was nuts how much EVERYBODY loved the song. It was everywhere you couldn’t escape it.  I personally remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard this God awful excuse for music it.  Not because I loved it like everybody else though, honestly, when I heard this song for the first time it was the first time I ever got physically ill from hearing something.  It was that damn disturbing to me.  Again I say though, he had a certified hit, and he got his foot in the door.  Since then he’s released hit after hit, and his fans (and just about everybody else) are eating it all up.  He found his niche and is riding the wave.
Now back to what I originally intended to address… DJ Woogie (whoever the fuck that is), Stacks On Deck producer, said that “Soulja Boy has grown…” My response: WELL DUH!  Of course he’s grown back then he was like 16.  This negro is actually legal now good for him.  I’ll even acknowledge his lyrical progress since “Crank Dat.”  Yes indeed, his content, well he has some now. He actually takes a shot at metaphors and general lyricism now…but this nigga is far from Legendary. That’s all I’m saying.
Much Luv to Soulja Boy, and the Stacks On Deck crew.  I wish them all the best of luck.  Do yo thang and make yo money, but please don’t start smelling yourself too much.  This legendary quote is bullshit, and if Soulja Boy ahs any ounce of intelligence he knows that his damn self.  As I bring this to a close, I wanna leave y’all with a couple of Soulja Boy’s most recent tracks out right now. Check em out.
Pronto-Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy
Bingo-Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy
Wait before I go can somebody tell me what the hell Soulja Boy has been “tellin em” all this time?
—Seven Owt

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