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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two of the game’s best back in action

Today I stumbled upon 2 “comeback tracks” that I felt compelled to share with you…

The first is almost old news at this point (well the song is anyway), but this is the official video for T.I.’s I’m Back

As previously reported on this blog, I think the song is a perfect way for the self proclaimed King of the South to reestablish his reign. But this video on the other hand is a whole nother story… I mean don’t get me wrong I actually like the video, the concept and the visuals are hot, but it does the song absolutely no justice. The lyrical onslaught that T.I. attacks this beat with far outshine the low key aggression depicted above. It’s like Mike Tyson the man versus his voice, the shit just don’t match.

On to the next…

Well we all know that Eminem made his official “comeback” with Relapse about a year ago, but all the real Slim Shady fans out there know that that was a lukewarm effort at best. With all that had been going on in Mr. Mathers’ life, I was surprised (nut thrilled none the less) that he was dropping a new album, but I was also disappointed.

Well it seems as if all of that disappointment is behind us because if you take a listen to this “freestyle” (and I use this term very loosely), you will hear the Eminem that we all know and love.

Hope you enjoyed it

—Seven Owt

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