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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Anybody remember that hilarious song that Chris Rock did with Gerald Levert about 11 years ago?  It was called “No Sex in the Champagne Room”  Well, for our younger readers here it is, for the rest of us, skip ahead:

Now that the teenagers are brought up to speed I’ll proceed…
This Weird Al-esque video of Chris Rock’s version of Andre 3000’s 2003 hit “Hey Ya” hit the net today:
The questions everybody’s mind: Where did it come from?  & Why now?
Well I for one don’t have an answer to either of the questions, but what I can say is it’s brilliant!  OK OK maybe ‘brilliant’ is overstating it a bit, but you have to admit it’s entertaining.  I’ll readily admit that I am a HUGE Chris Rock fan, so most of what he does I find hilarious (well except for that GOD AWFUL, I mean, poorly written TV show of his).  Nothing much that this writer can think of to say about this video, the ever so insightful Mr. Rock says it all.  If you haven’t heard his stand up before, KILL YOSELF the content of this video may surprise you, but if you have, then this is vintage Rock!
I doubt that Rock was using this song as a launch pad for another “Bigger and Blacker” type of release, but maybe that’s what sparked the idea.  I think it would have been great had it come out around the same time as the actual song by OutKast, but alas here it is roughly 7 years later… Oh well this fan won’t complain, and neither should you now go out there find a Cracker and shake him like he called you a nigger!

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