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Friday, April 16, 2010

Jay-Z Suing David Ortiz over 40/40 Club name

New York AP Story:

Jay-Z and a business partner are suing slugger David Ortiz, claiming the Boston Red Sox star named his Dominican nightclub after the mogul's chain of 40/40 clubs.
The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan Federal Court, accuses Ortiz of naming his Santo Domingo club Forty-Forty in the hopes of trading in on the rap star's fame.
The suit seeks over $5 million in damages and for Ortiz to forfeit any use of the 40/40 name.
Jay-Z's string of bars can be found in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
``David Ortiz is fully aware of Plaintiff's Manhattan 40/40 club, since he had been a patron there on several occasions before he opened his Infringing Forty/Forty club,'' the lawsuit states.
The clubs are named after the feat of hitting 40 homers and stealing 40 bases in one season.
A message seeking comment was left Thursday night with SFX Baseball, the agency that represents Ortiz.

That's the leagal aspect of it all, but let's look at this from a common sense stand point. Humor me:

According to Forbes Mr. Carter is worth over $500 Million (and let's not forget he's married to 9 Digit diva Beyonce).  On the other hand Big Papi has a $12 Million dollar per year deal with the Red Sox. So a $500 Million (over $80 million annually) man is suing a $12 Million (before taxes) man over a name???? This is just as rediculous as the Shawty Lo and T.I. beef!

I have 1 question for you Jigga man... What's the fuckin point? I understand the laws, but wouldn't it be easier just to catch the slugger after a game an say "look bro, I know you jockin my name, I'ma let you slide, just break me off a lil bit. Ya dig?" That may seem unreasonable, but it's way better than suing the man.  He's seeking "$5 million in damages and for Ortiz to forfeit any use of the 40/40 name" c'mon son! What damages???? Nobody is going to the Dominican Republic's Forty/Forty club instead of the 40/40 club in New York. Let's be real, all Jay is gonna get is a bunch of legal fees, and the hopes that the club's name will change. Cuz truth be told, it's not a guarantee. 

The simple truth about this case is this: Jay-Z you're a hoe for this shit, but I get it. Ortiz you're an idiot, but I ain't mad at yo game either. 

I personally think Jay is just mad cuz he just had to close his club in Vegas... But damn don't take it out on another nigga just trying to make a little change.

Seven Owt

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